Saturday, May 12, 2007

"Sonorous" reviewed again

Matt Wallace, co-editor of Murky Depths, has posted a review of Apex Digest #9, and of my work he writes this (no, I did not bribe him with cookies):

At the end of every issue, Apex features a "Parting Shot" of flash fiction. This issue's parting shot is "Sonorous" by Paul Abbamondi, who is a very talented dude. We bought a similarly short piece of his called "67442" for the first issue of Murky Depths. While "67442" is about the replicant next door, "Sonorous" is about the thing waiting in the darkness. And despite what you may have learned from British dogging websites, you really shouldn't blow on things you find in the woods. Great piece. One of the better Apex parting shots I've read.

I'm quite pleased that no one has called it stinky yet. Any takers? Thanks, Matt! A new batch of cookies is on the wa...I mean, uh...ah, nevermind.

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