Sunday, May 06, 2007

Freeeeeeee comics

Did everyone celebrate Cinco de Mayo by picking up free comic books? If not, shame on you and your dog.

Unfortunately, the shop I hit up did not have any more Pirates vs. Ninjas comics. I'm assuming it was either very popular or an entire clan of ninjas smokebombed the shop, stole every issue, and left without a trace. Yeah, it could've been that. Well, here's what I got instead:

Owly is a quiet character created by Andy Runton, but that's what makes him so endearing. In this issue, titled "Helping Hands," Owly must use what he remembers of his past to help his friend Bunny face her fears of the impending Springtime. The artwork is simple, but very telling, which more or less makes up for Owly and company's lack of speaking. It might be a bit kiddie for some, but I still enjoyed it regardless. Also, bonus bonus bonus, a quick six-page Korgi tale in the back by Christian Slade. Corgis are cool dogs, and corgis named Korgi are even cooler.

This is really three different comics rolled into one book. More for the money! Er, wait...these were all free to begin with. Oh wells. These were conceived by Gerald Way, lead singer of My Chemical Romance, with artwork Gabriel Bá and Dave Stewart. The Umbrella Academy has a lot of neat things to it, namely the characters. They're unique and well-designed, the coloring on them top-notch. What's presented here is merely a teaser for the upcoming series, and well, it worked. I want more.

Ah, the crème de la crème. Battlestar Galactica: Season Zero takes up back to a less stressful time, where the crew of the famous battleship could walk its halls with little to no hesitation in their steps. The events of this new series from creative team of Brandon Jerwa and Stephen Segovia take place two years before the Cylon Holocaust. We're shown younger, more carefree characters: Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh; they really nailed these two here, hitting their dialogue and banter perfectly while still allowing each to be their own person. If this is any indication of what a Caprica-like television season could be, bring it the frak on.

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