Monday, May 07, 2007

Progress notes for May 7, 2007

Whew, had a really tough scene to write tonight. Hopefully that means it turned out well considering how emotionally tied to it I felt. Anyways, just one final scene to write and then I can call it an official first draft.

"The Songs He'd Sing"

New Words: 995
Total Words: 4,827
Pages: 12
Deadline: None
Reason for stopping: Mentally exhausted
Stimulants: Ice cream!
Songs played loudly: "Ideas" by Days Away
Exercise: Quick walk outside
Mail: A nice, personal rejection from ASIM that had been held to the final round ::snartleblast::
Darling du Jour: N/A
Other writing-related work: N/A
The Internet is full of Things: LOST is officially ending in 2010. So, they're stretching it out into three shorter seasons. Meh. I'll still watch, but I wished that Season 4 was going to be the final one. Oh wells.


Patrick_FBS said...

As much as you have been keeping your avid readers up to date about your most recent project, you have got hooked.

I want to read it...

Hopefully it gets bought so I can read it, or maybe I will find a copy underneath my door one morning?

Either way, excellent job staying true to your writing schedule.

Paul Abbamondi said...

Thanks, Patrick! Maybe I'll force you into giving it a read before I send it out. And by force I mean bribe...heh.