Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Progress notes for May 8, 2007

Today I discovered some of the free comic books available online over at Image Comics. While perusing their diverse (and I do mean diverse, here) selection, one immediately caught my eye:

This is set in a futuristic universe where elephants are genetically created to be used as massive weapons of destruction. So we meet Ebony (ugh), an elephantman who is trying to get over his past, as he spends some time chatting with a little girl named Savannah (double ugh). The girl's innocent questions force Ebony to relive the oh-so-terrible moments of his gray life, and the story plays out rather like one might expect. The artwork is nothing to stampede over (see, I can be puny too), but I did enjoy the coloring and a few of the action shots. The story really lost me though, and I wished this had been something else entirely. Maybe something really serious or something completely comical; at the moment, it's kind of in the middle of those two, a mix that doesn't deliver on either account. Ever since reading Michael Bishop's "Bears Discover Smut," I've had a soft spot for worlds where enhanced animal lifeforms live among us like good-natured human beings. Alas, Elephantmen #1 is nothing short of stock material; hopefully I can find a better comic to read next. I believe they have one at Image Comics where the Pope does hand-to-hand battle with Satan's demons. Amen to that!

Oh, I also finished my latest short story. Now to let it sit and smell for a bit before I read through it again with my editing eye turned up to extreme prejudice. But, hey, it's done, and that's nice to know.

"The Songs He'd Sing"

New Words: 543
Total Words: 5,371
Pages: 13 (26 in proper manuscript form)
Deadline: None
Reason for stopping: Because it's done...yay!
Stimulants: Coffee
Songs played loudly: "Bonnie Taylor Shakedown" by Hellogoodbye
Exercise: 4,284 steps at the park
Mail: Nothing really though I did re-new my subscription to Apex Digest thanks to a big bully named The Sizemore
Darling du Jour: Emily spent the remainder of the night sitting on the floor with her computer off and the window open. Outside, life in West County went on without change. Milo poured out a wrenching cover of "Less Than Zero" by Elvis Costello; at this Martin appeared, and she took him in her arms and hugged him until he squirmed.
Other writing-related work: Read more of a friend's novel
The Internet is full of Things: Eh...see above?


Anonymous said...

punny = able to make puns
puny = extremely small and wimpy

I wanna be a copy editor!!! Me, me, me!

I am truly not trying to be overly obnoxious. I just want you to know, Biff, that though I comment infrequently, I am watching. I am always watching.

Still watching...

Paul Abbamondi said...

You know, Bitsy, you'd think I'd have learned the difference between puny and punny after reading all those Xanth novels. Oh well...I'll take a "do-over" please, thankyouverymuch.

patrick_fbs said...

Congrats on the completion.

Paul Abbamondi said...

Thank ya, thank ya.