Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Progress notes for May 22, 2007

Some writing. I just realized this evening how it's going to end, and already I'm worried about it. It's not going to be a happy ending. It's just going to be realistic. Well, nine times out of ten, I can't commit myself to churn out a cheerful conclusion. That's just not how the world works, folks.

"The Clouds are Calling"

New Words: 435
Total Words: 1,493
Pages: 4
Deadline: None
Reason for stopping: End of scene, need to switch back to the present
Stimulants: Two cups of coffee
Songs played loudly: "Be My Escape" by Relient K
Exercise: A short walk outside
Mail: No mail
Darling du Jour: Tom entered the tea room with a digi-album in hand, family photos flashing on its cover in two-second intervals. He wore a cobalt suit without the jacket, and his square head seemed odd atop his chunky form. I greeted him with a handshake. My grip was stronger than his.
Other writing-related work: Nada
The Internet is full of Things: Here's the first official teaser trailer for The Golden Compass:

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