Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sickly update

Sick today, so no progress on "The Songs He'd Sing." I am looking to finish it off by the end of the weekend. The ending isn't looking too bright in it, but hey, that's how these things go sometimes. Life isn't always teddy bears and prancing elves.

Also, for those that are unaware, Saturday is the best holiday ever: Free Comic Book Day.

Of them all, I really want this one the most:

Pirates vs. Ninjas #1—FCBD EDITION
by Fred Perry & Wes Hartman, & Craig Babiar
Featuring a flip cover by Fred Perry and special FCBD-only material! It’s no secret that pirates and ninjas have always been at odds. At long last, two of history's most formidable opponents in physical combat will meet on the field of destiny for the ultimate showdown. Throughout the millennia, these natural enemies have left death and despair in their wake. Now, they face each other to battle for supremacy. Let the greatest battle of all time commence! 32pgs, B&W

Flip cover! Supremacy! NINJAS!

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