Friday, August 03, 2007

Sporty Spec TOC

The Table of Contents for Sporty Spec: Games of the Fantastic has just been posted. I'd originally joked with its editor, Karen A. Romanko, that it was nice being first when she'd originally listed authors in alphabetical order. Well, after all has been said and done, "The Sport of Kings" is still first to go. Woo!

One day I'll talk about how much it sucks to be first in everything, alphabetically that is. You know, first to walk to graduate, first called on to do pull-ups in front of an entire gym class, first to give an oral presentation in French. Those sorts of things. Of course, if I'm ever to be on a bookshelf I'll be up nice and high, eye-level and ready to be grabbed. And ahead of Piers Anthony, too!


michael said...

Paul, could you email me at michael_ehart (at) ?

Camille Alexa said...

I think of you as my neighbor on our shared ToCs.