Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some shorts

I finished two short stories this week while also putting more words down on the novel (shh, which I'm not really talking about here). The shorts varied: the first is one I started about three months back, wrote all the way up to the final scene, and put away while I figured out what I wanted to happen in the end. That revelation came to me the other afternoon while getting my mail. Yeah, I can't explain. Anyways, that one is done at 3,500 words and waiting on First Reader comments. Hopefully it won't be teh suck.

The second one is just creepy fun at 1,200 words. Wrote it in two sittings. Creepy fun, you ask? Yes, it has old people sex in it. There, I said it! Hopefully it's more fun than creepy, but you never know with me...

I told myself I was going to just focus on the novel (shh!!!), but I can't seem to be away from short stories for too long without my brain wandering back to them. I'll probably start a third one this weekend, just cause I can.

Maybe I'm addicted?

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