Sunday, June 03, 2007

To blame!

I blame the lack of substantial updates on the fact that I've gotten back into the habit of heavily playing Final Fantasy XII. I'm at the point where my next destination is the big and final battle, which means I'm trying to complete as much of the sidequests as I can before I head into the unknown. Hmm...I have about 20 or so hunts left to do, seven Espers still to find, fight, and conquer, and a small number of random quests for those extra hard-to-find weapons. I really do love this game.

Anyways, actual content forthcoming.


Anonymous said...

I'm stuck at a land/sea battle. I have a hard time controlling all those people. Zegai died. I couldn't handle it. I turned the game off and refuse to play until I feel strong enough to do battle. Wish you were here to beat the bad guys for me!

Paul Abbamondi said...

Oh, I forgot to warn you about those. They can be tough/annoying if you don't pick the right people for your groups. Best of luck to that!

And hey, it's Suikoden. People die all the time. Some come back when you least expect 'em...