Monday, June 25, 2007

Progress notes for June 25, 2007

Started a new short story today to distract myself from other work...

"After Effects"

New Words: 637
Total Words: 637
Pages: 1 and a half
Deadline: None
Reason for stopping: Need to figure out the benefits of welding metal to someone's skin
Stimulants: Two cups of coffee
Songs played loudly: "Feel Fine" by Augustana
Exercise: Walk outside
Mail: Nomail
Darling du Jour: A man in a white suit entered with a clipboard at his side and a digital camera protruding from his breast pocket. He had one of those squiggly mustaches, the sort with tentacle arms reaching up for a scratch. Dad grew one once, and the memory made me forget everything that had happened yesterday for a blip.
Other writing-related work: Some scribbling on a forthcoming review
The Internet is full of Things: An interesting survey on why people buy books. Check it out and participate if you can!

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