Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Quick movie roundup

Casino Royale. I really liked this. Daniel Craig makes for a strong if rash-minded Bond, and here we get to see him just at the beginning of his career. It's nice to see Bond make mistakes, and the opening action scene of him running through and up a construction site is really something that needs to be seen. Took me some time to figure out the actual plot of the thing, but there was always something happening to keep my attention. Definitely worth checking out.

The Host. Crazy, unexplainable fun. Bad science, awesome monster, and some neat filming tricks make this Japanese horror flick five steps above a semi-bad SciFi Channel bomb. Did you follow that? No? Well, if you like straightforward monster movies, this is your sirloin steak.

Clerks 2. Had some funny parts, brought back funny characters that just weren't as funny as they used to be, and was sort of funny but definitely forgettable. Where the original was winsome and poignant despite its crude humor, it felt like Randal and company here were just trying to be as disgustingly offensive as possible. Didn't complete work for me, and I was a bit letdown overall. Oh well, can't ever take Mallrats away from me.

The Zodiac. So, about forty-five minutes into the film I began wondering where the hell Jake Gyllenhaal was. Turned out I'm an idiot-and-a-half and was watching THE Zodiac, a less-than-impressive film about the unknown serial killer that was released in 2005. Zodiac (without the effing THE) came out in 2007, and was the one I wanted to see but the world is just one cruel, spinning sphere of irony. I mean, it was a decent film and some of the shooting scenes played out interestingly, but overall I wanted the newer, shinier version.


Anonymous said...

No worries about confusing ZODIAC and THE ZODIAC. Even with eye candy Jake, it was long and sluggish. Crazy true story though and Zodiac definately captured how it effected the lives of those trying to solve the case.

Paul Abbamondi said...

Heh, well now I really want to see the newer one! Do you think the real Zodiac will ever be discovered? Or is he long dead with his secrets?