Monday, January 08, 2007

Nice doggie...

Things I need to do (I'm OCDDDDDDD, I make to-do-lists just to stay busyyyyyyy):
  • Finish the other three parts for the upcoming Greenhorn series
  • Review Fast Forward I
  • See Children of Men
  • Beat Suikoden V, even if it means not collecting every single character
  • Laundry
  • Possibly re-organize my bookshelves
Now, isn't all that exciting?


TK42ONE said...

And here I thought my weekends were exciting by doing laundry. You do it during the week!

Paul Abbamondi said...

I try and live life to the fullest. Doing laundry during the week allows me to sleep more during the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I"M bringin Paxil back, so lay off, Biff!!!!!!!!!

Paul Abbamondi said...

Mattress on the floor!