Thursday, March 15, 2007

Chill out

So, if you have two characters conversing in a futuristic world where science is always five steps ahead of humanity, do not have one of these genetically enhanced personas say "Take a chill pill!" as I will hate your book from that moment on and only look for things to hate on more and then you will know the wrath that is Paul, He Who Hates Stupid Stocky Phrases such as:
  • Take a chill pill!
  • Don't have a cow!
  • Like, whatever!
  • Yeah, girlfriend!
  • Take a chill pill!
Also, since this atrocious phrase is being uttered in a future where cars fly, folks can see behind themselves using circling mirrored visors that also plays movies, and samurais cut people in half with powerized swords, I will begin to wonder what a chill pill actually is or could be. Like, is it a breath mint? Did you just tell someone to take a breath mind? I doubt it. Is it a pill that acts like an internal A.C. unit? Huh? Is it? See what your stupid characters are making me think about. I hate your book. Wrathful review forthcoming...


RobB said...

Any hints as to what book this was?

After all, you and I are probably on some of the same review mailing lists...

Paul Abbamondi said...

Actually, it's from this graphic novel Robotika that Damon slipped me with my normal delivery of ARCs. It's utter crap. Luckily, you won't have to read it. :)