Sunday, March 25, 2007

Blogging thoughts

I first created Wistful Writings to document and track my writing progression, noting submission statuses, rejections, and acceptances as they happened. I also used it to pimp the numerous reviews I do and occasionally rant on whatever needed ranting at the time. After some months I haven't felt the need to update with every rejection that I now get, cutting back a lot of potential posts (i.e., wah wah waaaaah editors loathe me!). This blog has been pretty linear since its birth. Well, things will probably start to change. I think. Maybe.

No, they'll be changing.

In order to keep things disconnected, I made Game Beliefs, a blog that would be devoted to any videogame-related topics. As I soon discovered, I do not have much to say about videogames. No wait, scratch that. I do have a lot to say about videogames, just not enough to keep a blog constantly updated with daily content. So now when I feel like complaining about how trite every RPG ultimately is or how awesome Kratos is with all his godly powers I'll just do it here.

I'm also a bit of a music junkie. You know the people that say, "Oh, I listen to just about everything...except country." Well, that's me. Except the "except country" part. I'm very open when it comes to tunes, and I always find a way to appreciate music in just about every form out there (Note: not American Idol). I can go from Underoath to Page France to Placebo to The Audition to Devon Sproule to Tom Waits to Daft Punk to Wilco to Cat Power to Alexisonfire to Kathleen Edwards to Gretchen Wilson to The Visionaries to The Pixies to Wolf Parade without missing a beat. Go ahead and Google some of those and see how much they vary, both in style, form, and presentation. Having used to review CDs and concerts in the past for my college newspaper and magazine, I've sort of missed it.

I'm not big on politics, but I do stay up-to-date with the current affairs of the world (it's the journalist in me). Besides, how could anyone ignore a story about a Wisconsin man having sex with a dead deer?

I guess in the end I want this place to be a hub for different topics and not limit my audience (if I even have one; hello? anyone? Bueller? Bueller?). So, be prepared to see some different posts over the new few weeks. Or if you have something to suggest, I'm all ears. My momma always said, "Life was like a box of bloggers, you never know what you're gonna get."

Okay, not my real momma. She doesn't talk like that.

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patrick said...

Glad to hear that you will be consolidating everything into one place; makes my morning trips easier.

I used to be that "listen to everything but country" guy a while back as well, but my fiance's family listens to pretty much just country (besides my fiance), so I have had to tolerate it. Though, some of it is growing on me. The songs that I like all tend to fall into the "country rock (my own designation)" category. I normally like to listen to 80s rock/metal. But, I actually went to a Josh Groban concert last night, which was pretty sweet.

(Hopefully not too many from FBS come here. If so, they could catch me in the act of not reading and writing reviews, coding tournaments, fixing forums, etc. That would just give them another reason to call me that one name I am being referred to nowadays)