Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Editing as I go

Up to about 1,600 words on the WOTF story. I'm aiming for maybe 5K or 6K, knowing that this contest actually prefers longer stories over shorter ones. Basically, I'm really writing this one specifically for them. Normally, it'd be darker or harsher, and a lot more concise. I prefer brevity over longwindedness. Not that my current writing is longwinded. Eh, you get what I mean.

Anyways, the writing is slow going, if only because I'm actually editing as I go. This is pretty new to me in that I'm studying prose a lot more than I normally do. I sit and think about modifiers, try out a few, read it out loud, try another, read it again, re-read the paragraph above to see if it flows well, edit it, edit the dialog, and so on. I hope this isn't making the piece worse. I like it so far, but then again...I'm my biggest fan.

Here's an oddity. For some reason, I used the verb scanned three times already. No, no, no. I think once will be enough, even for a futuristic SF piece.


TK42ONE said...

Keep us posted on the new technique. I'm stuck, yet again. I know where the dead body will be found, I'm just not sure who to kill. Hmm, what kind of criminal would you like to get rid of?

Daniel Ausema said...

I try for a balance--neither complete gush that I have to go back and edit like crazy nor complete analyzing of every bit. I think there's benefit to each of these, and it's always good to challenge yourself to see what happens when you try the one you're not used to. But I probably tend to edit too much as I go and have a tendency to get stuck as I question what I'm doing.