Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My first magazine death

Some news.

"The Weatherbugs of Mr. Grady" will not be published in the first issue of Grimoire...because there will be no first issue of Grimoire. I learned of this the hard way, via a tip on Ralan's Webstravaganza. A shame, really, as I was very much looking forward to seeing this eclectic tale in print. Reading over the contract that I signed back in April I see that I was supposed to be paid within 60 days of scribbling my John Hancock down. It's been 149 days since then today without any moolah. The contract also says that if my story is not published in 18 months, all rights revert back to me.

Do I really have to wait that long to start sending it back out considering Grimoire's editor hasn't even contacted me yet to inform his authors that he'll no longer be publishing the zine?

Yeah, I'm a bit annoyed. Not terribly, as it was bound to happen and it is sort of a milestone to kill a magazine, so to speak. Also, it's not like I was exactly pulling in the big bucks, but still. Come on. Have some audacity here. Luckily, being a writer prepares oneself for rejections of all kinds. This, the surprise one following a sale, is a new one. I'm going to savor it for no more than a few more minutes. Onwards and upwards...

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