Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Monday night TV on NBC

I watched two hours and twenty minutes of television last night.

First up, Chuck. This is a somewhat thoughtful gov drama littered with comedy that is surprisingly a step beyond slapstick. Chuck and his videogaming buddy are quite funny together--that scene with them trying to "fight" off the ninja was laugh-out-loud worthy--and some of the other characters are interesting. I don't really understand the whole computer-in-his-brain thing, but that's okay. I can stretch it. The secret agent is kind of boring at the moment, but Jayne from Firefly makes me happy. So long as this comes on at 8 o'clock before you-know-what I'll continue to watch it.

Then the show that really matters to me: Heroes. The season two premiere actually mirrored the season one premiere. It's not about action and answering a lot of questions right away. It's about building its characters and storylines, and one has to remember that this is now Volume Two. A new volume means a new start. With that said, I liked a lot of things about it very much: Hiro in ancient Japan (though his storyline does not actually happen "Four Months Later," which confuses moi to no end); the new brother and sister team on the run from Meh-hee-co, complete with brain explosions; and I take back any bad things I said about Nathan because the ex-Congressman with a beard is beyond a curmudgeon now and that, my friends, is super great.

Some bad things that I know I won't like at all are Claire and more high school drama. So not needed, so blah. Also, her knowledgeable littler stalker boy that flies? Way to get creative with new powers, Tim Kring. Also, Molly Walker and her vagueness. Just find the bad guy that killed Hiro's pops! And Bitsy just called me to say that she thinks Peter is the villain since he had the symbol on his chest. I, personally, missed seeing that, but it's definitely a possibility. And if DL is dead-dead, I'll be kinda bummed.

Lastly, I have Journeyman a chance. It started out kind of formulaic and then just sort of meandered down a path of typical events and reactions. I'm so tired of seeing people being saved by an incoming truck. That whole dive across a street thing is far too silly to be believed. Anyways, this didn't hold my attention for very long and I shut it off after twenty minutes. If I want interesting time-traveling adventures, I'll just watch Heroes.

And that's all I'll say for now.

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TK42ONE said...

Pretty much everything you said got a "Ditto" from me. Chuck was a pleasant surprise and Heroes opened a can of worms. I didn't bother with Journayman though as CSI Miami was on.