Monday, September 03, 2007

"67442" reviewed

Jason Sizemore reviews Issue #1 of Murky Depths, saying this of my story:

A trio of stories from Lavie Tidhar, Paul Abbamondi, and Douglas Warrick (oddly enough, all three are past Apex Digest contributors) earn nods of appreciation from me, as well. The Abbamondi story titled "67442" won't strike you as anything mind-blowingly original, but it's a micro-story that does its job, and does it well--presents a situation and resolves it with an entertaining twist.

Also, it seems that some mailman/mailwoman decided they'd rather steal my contributor copies than drop them off in front of my door. Some days I feel like the postal system exists to thwart my writerly ways. But not to worry...Terry Martin, managing editor and publisher, is super kind and sending me another two issues in the mail. Should have them by next weekend...and after constantly reading how well put together this zine is I am way past excited.

And I did very little laboring on Labor Day. That is all.

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