Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First draft, finally

The Streets of the City

3,663 / 4,000 words. 92% done!

New words: 599

And we've landed on the planet Ferstdraaft. I'm still going to need to read through it one more time to make sure it all gels (and probably make a specific scene a tad more traumatizing), but otherwise it feels pretty solid to me. Still, this had been a tough piece for me, much more straining than anything else I've written and I don't know yet if that is a good or bad thing. Should writing be easy or hard? Does writing something easily inherently make it good? Does working hard and long ultimately produce a gem of a tale?

I can't come up with any compact answer. Whatcha think about it?


Daniel Ausema said...

"Should writing be easy or hard?"

Yes =)

Daniel Ausema said...

OK, longer answer--in general I'd lean more towards the hard work side, simply because I seem to encounter too many people who think that as soon as the writing itself is no longer fun it's time to quit (on that particular story at least). So the hard work is often what separates a decent idea that isn't fleshed out from a masterpiece of a story.

But...I've also had stories and poems that just came without any struggle. Rarely, it's true, but it happens. And I know some writers I admire credit a given story or poem as coming that way. I guess the key is not to simply rely that it'll be so.