Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Woot woot still...

Still on a first sale high. Mailed out my contracts yesterday for Shimmer. I have to work on writing a short bio for them. I wonder what I'll come up with.

1-day personal rejection from The Town Drunk. I don't think I have anything else to submit to them yet. Maybe I can whip up a story before their reading period ends. How in the heck does Terry Pratchett write humor so well?

280+ day personal rejection from Black Gate. The editor, Mr. O'Neill, had some nice things to say about my piece, but confessed that it wasn't as original as the others he was currently looking at. Considering this was the very first story I ever wrote, I'm quite pleased with this rejection.

Anyone have any advice for keeping things organized? I have a folder where I keep all my rough drafts and earlier versions. I figure I'll make a folder for all my contracts and maybe another for the final printed copy. Any ideas?

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