Thursday, January 12, 2006

Amazing Journeys...

Check out my review of Amazing Journeys, Volume 2, Issue 10 over at Tangent Online.


Holly said...

Hey, Paul. I'm crashing your party after I Googled my name (you do it too, admit it) and found a link to your blog. Bummer about Eggplant Publishing (12/21/05 entry), but I promptly dusted off End of the Line and sent it to a couple of other venues. With any luck you'll still get a chance to review it. Appreciate the mention, in any case.

Holly Messinger
a/k/a The Literary Assassin

Douglas Hoffman said...

Hmm. Not everyone googles their names. I've name-dropped quite a few old friends in my blog, and the only one who ever contacted me was someone who, in retrospect, I didn't want to hear from.

Off now to go google myself.

Paul Abbamondi said...

Holly - Wow, thanks for the message! I still have your novella on my desk and do plan to read it soon. Just have too much on my plate at the moment. Maybe I can post a review here on my blog for you if no one else wants one.

Doug - I don't often Google my name, but when I'm bored, I pull out my high school year book and go to town.

Holly said...

Wow. Now there's some mixed emotions. My vanity says, Yeah! Please, go ahead and review my story! Practicality says, Now hang on, honey, he might not like it.

Ego says, Don't be silly, that story is perfect.

Hmm. Do what you feel is appropriate. Just don't tell me. :-)