Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Parlais vous?

Total of 18 critiques for "When It Burns, It Burns Like a Star" from Critters.

By far, my favorite one says this:

I'm assuming that English is not your first language, and that is the main problem here.

Huh? I'm pretty sure I've been speaking English all my life. Does this mean I suck at writing words in English? Probably, yes. Should I translate all my stories into French? Who knows. Others thought the story was excellent and my writing well-done.

I'm really surprised by the split of the critiques. They really are either for the story or against it. For my writing or against it. For my long title or against it.

I'm turning "When It Burns, It Burns Like a Star" into a novella. Hopefully, that should solve some problems. And no, I'm not taking English lessons.

I have a BA in Journalism for heaven's sake.


Douglas Hoffman said...

Interesting slam. For the record, I still dig that title.

Scott M. Sandridge said...

I liked the title. Besides, a title is only too long if it doesn't fit on a single line, but that's my opinion.

Geesh, I would hate to have heard what that particular critiquer would've thought about my writing skills. He would probably say my grammar is too British, even though I've lived in the U.S. my whole life.

Well, I did grow up on Tolkien and H.G. Wells....

Holly said...

Paul, in my experience Critters is mostly only useful as a sort of temperature reading as to how the general public will react to your story. Take a rough median of their comments and ignore the specifics.

Anonymous said...

Paul, don't let it bug you. I like the title. The ESL comment is pretty funny, you might want to use it as a sig line.
Something that polarizes so completely most likely has killer ideas that are hard to understand for some folks--- either rewrite to fit the lowest common denominator, find an appropriate audience, or tune a little for clarity. I would pick number 3, as I hate rewriting.
Follow your star, Dude. Follow your star.

Michael Ehart

Maria said...

that's hilarious!