Friday, January 06, 2006

An update from moi

Let's see, let's see...

Once my Internet is up and in full force I plan on sending out at least five queries (that I know of) to a couple of places. I fear that Black Gate will never respond and The Leading Edge has had my piece for longer than their response times expect.

I've been doing some tweaking and dampering with some short stories, but nothing too final yet. I'd really love to finish my fairy tale "Bereavement" as it has a special place in my writing heart.

My review of Amazing Journeys, Issue 10 is coming along slowly if surely. Probably by the end of the weekend I'll have it done and up on Tangent Online. Then after that, Eugie is sending me something else to review (my memory drifts away from me at this moment, off playing with toys or something). Yeah, so I have that to do as well.

And starting in March, I will now get F&SF at my doorstep. Well, my tiny mailbox down the hall. But you get the picture. I wasn't going to subscribe at first. My plan was to pick and choose my issues based off reviews, but when I searched for the magazine in my local Barnes & Noble, I could not find it. So, to save time but not money, I gave in to GVG's mind tricks and subscribed for a full year. Blast! I'll never get any writing done now...

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