Monday, November 26, 2007

"Truth & Consequences" thoughts

Well, Heroes is still slowly getting a bit more interesting while retaining all the shtupid sludge that is teenage love drama, stolen comic books, and overly dramatic one-two lines that needed to be scrapped as soon as they were conceived. Still, things I liked:
  • Sylar killed someone! He's always more watchable when he's most primal
  • A woman keeping a shotgun in her peaceful garden
  • Elle spilling her slurpie, classic n00b mistake when staking out prey
  • Adam Monroe and that sneaky smile he wears with pride, how can you not like him
  • Mr. Muggles, watching quietly in the distance as HRG's ashes are laid to ocean, all while continuing to plot the end of Claire's stalker boyfriend existence
Things that sucked like a vacuum:
  • Um, the New Orleans chick? Does she even have a point? Her powers and storyline have absolutely nothing to do with the big arc, and frankly, she's kind of annoying. No one steals comic books anyway. Those thugs really wanted Micah's kickass Jansport backpack. Duh.
  • Nikki. Please, please, please let her take a needle to the neck in this short season's finale "Powerless"
  • Alejandro's one little moment of speaking English, used to show the audience that darn it he means business
  • HRG and his silly whining
  • This episode needed more Mr. Muggles
  • Maya hooking up with a mother-killing mofo, that's just kind of creepy, even by Sylar standards
I'm interested to see just how much they squeeze in the season's finale episode but I doubt it'll be much to get excited about. Personally, they never need to tell me what happened to the New Orleans chick. Everybody knows that when you get taken away in a windowless van, you don't come back. Right? Though a showdown between Hiro and Peter is enough to keep me curiously guessing which two "heroes" will fall. I guess Alejandro wasn't a "hero." He fell with a knife in his chest and NO ONE CARES HA HA HA YOUR SISTER IS MORE IMPORTANT WONDER TWIN #2.

Meh, I just wasted too much time thinking about all this...


Anonymous said...

I loved Adam Monroe in Alias and I heart him here, too.
I thought Alejandro didn't know any English - wus up wit dat?
I don't care if Clair's none biological dead is alive or dead. Whoopee.
I missed seeing Nathan - I'll have to wait until next week.
Sylar is back to being bad!
All in all it was okay - I sort of enjoyed October Road more.

TK42ONE said...


And I'm not typing it again. So my hopes are high for the next episode. Nuff said.

Paul Abbamondi said...

October Road is back on??? Dang, I like that show and might have to remember to watch it now.

TK: Hopes are high here as well!

NinjasOfLoretto said...

i thought this episode was horrible...perhaps just because all the characters (peter and hiro excepted) i hate were featured.

worst most ridiculous moment/line in the history of heroes?

"so that's why Clark Kent wears those glasses!"


aka 1979semifinalist