Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hit my quota

NaWriMo wordage for the day: 514

Not a whole bunch, but I met my quota, which is really what matters at this point. Besides, I'm working on other stuff at the moment. Mostly secret comic stuff. That's how the rooster crows...

Evidently there's no Pushing Daisies on tonight. Gah! Stupid country music awards show!


TK42ONE said...

Yeah, whatever happened to Greenhorn comics? I just noticed during my recent feed cleanup that there hasn't been anything new in awhile.

Paul Abbamondi said...

Greenhorn was a failed experiment, unfortunately. For a collaboration, the comic was very one-sided and I didn't enjoy the direction it was being steered in. So I gave it a quiet death, which was easier than anything considering Damon became unresponsive rather quickly.

But this secret comic thingy mentioned above is in no way as big as a Greenhorn project.