Thursday, July 26, 2007

Some DS games

I haven't had my Nintendo DS for very long, but I've already started growing my collection of games. Some I definitely enjoy more than others, and one of them I have no idea why I bought it because I quickly discovered I don't enjoy the sort of gaming experience that it offers. Anyways, here's me thoughts:

Mario Kart DS - Classic gameplay that is even more addicting on the handheld. I've played a few games using the WiFi connection (and some dude in China really kicked my butt using stupid Bowser), and am slowly working my way through all the little bonus challenges. There's a ton of options here, the music is slight but good, and racing has never been so good. Seriously, a gem, one I'll continue to play for many, many days.

New Super Mario Bros - I think that as the years continue to pass by and next-gen systems become nexter-gen systems that I'll never play that I'll always remain an old-school gamer. Meaning, I like my Mario, Zelda, and Metroid 2D games the best. Something so pleasing about them. Anyways, here we have a 2D/3D sidescroller that is just as much fun as its previous incarnates. You run and jump your way to the end of the level, collecting gold coins along the way, and travel across a map in order to save the princess. The level design is colorful and creative, and as a bonus there's more than two handfuls of mini-games to keep you entertained using the touch screen. My mother's favorite is the one where you have to sort red bombs and black bombs to their alloted containers without messing up. She's actually quite good at it.

Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin - Another old-school gamer game that is a lot of fun. Big, huge castle to explore with two different characters. Lots of items and missions to accomplish. Cool graphics, non-important storyline, and awesome boss battles. Though, currently I am lost and don't know where I'm supposed to go next. That's okay. I can walk around and slay baddies for hours. Or at least until my battery needs charging.

Animal Crossing: Wild World - I can't even figure out why I bought this. I think, possibly, maybe, who really knows, that I thought I was buying a Harvest Moon game. You know, the farming simulation thingy. Instead, I got the Sims with all the fun ripped out of it only to be replaced by animals with enormous heads, a town more dry than a patch of sand, and tasks that would bore a dead guy.

Puzzle Quest: Challenge Of The Warlords
- My latest addiction. I can't think of a simpler way to describe it other than Bejeweled with fantasy RPG elements. And yes, that's all it takes to hook me. Everything you do is based around a game of Bejeweled: moving around the map, fighting monsters, acquiring steeds, making items, and learning new magic spells. Yet, it never gets tiring (though the music certainly does).

Two games I know I want the minute they are released: The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Contras 4 DS.


TK42ONE said...

I was never very good at the original Mario, so my skills with teh DS version of Mario are very limited. But I do enjoy it, despite the difficulty.

My wife loves the Soduko games on Brain Age and is eagerly awaiting Brain Age 2. We used to play all the other games on there too, but then I stomped her by a good ten "brain years" and she never wanted to play again.

Paul Abbamondi said...

Hee, I've looked at those Brain Age games. They seem fun, but I'll probably wait for the latest one to come out. I like puzzles. :P