Thursday, November 10, 2005

Flashy book-style profiles

NaNoWriMo has redone the way the profiles on their site look and I'm quite pleased with it. It even turned the excerpt preview into a mini-book viewer. Kind of neat for anyone who wonders what their words might appear as typesetted.

Anyway, crossed the 25K mark yesterday. I just need to work on my outline some more so that I know where the next 50K are off to. I will not be able to get much writing done tomorrow and most of Saturday, but I hope to get some serious outlining completed.

In other perks of interest, I'm very curious to read Anne Rice's new novel:

I'm a big fan of her vampire and witch series, but this is such a drastic change from her background and standard that I feel like I have to read it. We'll see come Christmas...


D. Abbamondi said...

Hope you aren't looking for a x-mas present :)

Paul Abbamondi said...

Heh, buying??? :)