Friday, November 25, 2005

The end of NaNoWriMo soon...

It's closing in. November 30th is pretty close, and I'm pretty close to finishing up the goal of 50K. I'm not, however, pretty close to finishing up The Periwinkle Prince. This story I'm going to wager will end around 125K at the most. Once it's edited down, I'd be aiming for 80K-100K.

Glimmer Train rejected my story "When It Burns, It Burns Like a Star" with a form letter. Not too upset, but I was maybe hoping for a bit more feedback. The form letter does say it was a "good read", but you never know with those. The worst of stories could have gotten the same letter. Oh well...time to re-read it and find a new market for it.

Going to Barnes & Noble tomorrow. I'll update all my readers on my purchases. Most of them will be fantasy novels I've been longing to get in my collection, but have always put off for other items.

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