Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Almost halfway home!

NaNo news:
Closing in on nine days into NaNoWriMo and I'm nearly at the halfway mark. I think I'm just struggling for scenes at this point, but I know soon I'm going to have a crazy attack of the muse and just pump out the rest of the words. I hope to get to 40,000 by Sunday night.

My main goal is to get past the mark well before Thanksgiving hits.

Writing news:
Today I've sent off "Helen Goes Shopping" to Abyss & Apex, and tomorrow I'll be mailing out "Pixie Wine" to Fantasy & Science Fiction. I'm quite happy with the changes I've made to "Pixie Wine" and I hope the editors like it too. Here's to hoping!

Checking my spreadsheet, I now have a total of 12 submissions swimming in slush piles all across the USA. That will probably be it until November ends, but that's still an impressive number (in my mind, at least) to have out at one time.

Other news:
I've started to play RuneScape to help free my mind from my writing when it is needed.

So far I've cut trees and attempted to shear already sheared sheep. Yeah, I'm not that good so if you see me on there (Character's name: Ghestorali) be nice and help me out. Just don't call me a noob or I'll cast Wind Attack on your pixel ass.

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