Thursday, April 19, 2007

Three things!

Well, here's some good news. "The Weatherbugs of Mr. Grady," a truly strange short story I wrote last July, just sold to Grimoire. I believe it's slated for the debut issue in August 2007. Cool, cool.

I received Gradisil by Adam Roberts in the mail the other day. Looks interesting. Cover shows spaceships, some sort of futuristic satellite, and explosions. Well, I'm sold.

And lastly this video, featuring Will Ferrel and a less-than-respectful landlord, is pretty funny. Well, funny enough that I've watched it more than once. That means it's good enough to share.

EDIT: Scratch that. Seems the video is being removed from YouTube due to copyright issues.

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Anonymous said...

hey Paul,

Thought you might like to check out the review that Victoria and pals have of Gradisil posted at their blog Eve's Alexandria