Monday, April 30, 2007

Progress notes for April 30, 2007

Strange. I wrote the same exact amount of words today as I did yesterday. Oh well. If it works, it works.

"The Songs He'd Sing"

New Words: 618
Total Words: 1,967
Pages: 5
Deadline: None
Reason for stopping: End of scene where we stick a kitty in a fridge
Stimulants: Arizona green tea with ginseng
Songs played loudly: "Come Close" by Saosin
Exercise: 6,471 steps at the park
Mail: A magazine I'd submitted to folded today before even seeing its first issue. Not a rejection, not a sale. Meh. More annoying than anything else.
Darling du Jour: "Now, Em," Martin said, getting right in her face, his breath low and hot, "I know I used to climb in there a lot, but that was just me being stupid. I always figured you kept the best food way in the back."
Other writing-related work: Couple notes taken on another story
The Internet is full of Things: Sumo wrestlers in a competition to make babies cry. Seriously, not making it up.

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