Friday, April 27, 2007

Progress notes for April 27, 2007

Well, I finished a short story last night, which, of course, means I'm moving right on to the next one. Figured this would be a good time for some progress notes. So far, it's a cat story but I'm looking to change that. Maybe into a futuristic kidnapping story with a cat on the side. Yeah, I like that. That sounds better.

"The Songs He'd Sing"

New Words: 651
Total Words: 651
Pages: One and a half
Deadline: None
Reason for stopping: To watch a mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmovie
Stimulants: Two cups of coffee with hazelnut creamer
Songs played loudly: "Your Mistake" by Sister Hazel
Mail: Nomail
Darling du Jour: A little old lady by the little old name of Miss Agatha White had managed to reprogram her refrigerator’s mainframe with a pair of safety scissors and some double-sided tape, changing it from being an anti-junk machine to anti-health (with extreme prejudice toward lettuce).
Other writing-related work: Read some more of a friend's novel
The Internet is full of Things: I used to watch this show ALL the time when I was younger. Specifically, before heading out to catch the school bus in the morning. Watching it now, kind of sucks. Ah, nostalgia. Such a weird thing.

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