Sunday, February 18, 2007

Progress notes for February 18, 2007

"The Morning Gift"

New Words: 559
Total Words: 1,478
Pages: 4 and a half
Deadline: Submission period opens on March 23
Reason for stopping: Kind of stuck on the entire plot. Need to think it out.
Stimulants: Green tea with honey.
Songs played loudly: "Stay Happy" by Joe Wilson, "Devotion and Desire" by Bayside
Mail: Nomail
Darling du Jour: Farinne set her eyes. "The Sisters are still beddable."
The caretaker scrunched her face. "And what lord would want a dead wife?"
Other writing-related work: Wrote up a new bio for Apex #9.
The Internet is full of Things: How is Britney Spears going bald news? HOW?

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