Friday, February 16, 2007

Progress notes for February 16, 2007

"The Morning Gift"

New Words: 402
Total Words: 919
Pages: 2
Deadline: Submission period opens on March 23
Reason for stopping: New bottle of wine beckons!
Stimulants: Absolutely nothin'.
Songs played loudly: "Just Take the Money and Leave" by Inkwell
Mail: A 3-day "some nice touches, but we'll have to pass" from the VanderMeer anthology. Also, Eugie's sending me Farthing's fifth issue to review.
Darling du Jour: "I should've burned your throats off," Lord Senli said. "Or sewn your lips together. Either would have pleased Halu Haekamel."
Other writing-related work: Nada.
The Internet is full of Things: Woman Allegedly Ties Up Valentine, Drinks His Blood. Sucks when your Valentine is a vampire, huh?

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