Friday, February 23, 2007

Going to ComicCon!

Well, "The Morning Gift" is on hold for now while I figure out what I'm even trying to do with the thing. I've got my characters and I've got my history in there, but the plot is fuzzy and unfocused. Also, I'll be attending ComicCon tomorrow in New York, which means I'll probably be mentally exhausted for the remainder of the weekend. But yay, ComicCon! The guest list is insane and if I meet even just 2% of the people I want to meet I will be quite pleased with the experience.

As usual, I have lots of things I need to do. What's that sound? Is it bullets lining up and indenting themselves? Why, yes! It is! Time for a to-do-list.

Things To Do Soon or My Head Will Splode:

  • Review Farthing, Issue 5 for Tangent
  • Review Justina Robson's Keeping It Real
  • Ink next week's MyLifeComics
  • Actually draw the next Greenhorn because I've run out of inventory
  • Continue work on a shhhhhhhhhhh secret project that I can't talk about yet
  • Finish reading chapters of a friend's latest novel
  • Sleep

This past week I finished two stories, rewrote another one, reviewed galleys for "Sonorous" for Apex Digest #9, and managed to find time for some Rogue Galaxy. I think if my head does explode, it's at least warranted.

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