Thursday, December 29, 2005

Year in Review, 2005

I stole this thing from Elizabeth Bear's blog. Let's see how I've done...

Novel words written: 70,000

Well, I didn't truly start writing until I came home from college in May so this is only half a year's review in actuality.

The Periwinkle Prince draft: 53,045

The Spellcrafters draft: 10,150

Sylva draft: 3,500

Admirably Admirable Advice draft: 2,000

Best day: about 4,000 words during NaNo on The Periwinkle Prince. I believe it was the scene where Tandyn spots Amelia at the slave market and they make a run for it; that was fun to write.

Worst day: 100

Novels completed: None yet

Novels published: None yet

Novel and novel-length manuscript submissions: 0

Novels sold: 0

Novels rejected: 0 (yay no rejections here!)

Other responses: None

Short story words written: 58,000

"The Dragon-elves" - 10,000
"Escape" - 10,000
"Some Things Just Don't Sell" - 4,000
"Pixie Wine" - 3,500
"When It Burns, It Burns Like a Star" - 4,000
"The Drinking of Ales" - 3,500
"Chance on Catella" - 3,000
"The Troll Tracks" - 5,000
"Bereavement" - 7,000 (incomplete)
"Helen Goes Shopping" - 3,000
"The Dead Forest" - 5,000

Notes, outline, and synopsis words written: Yeah, I have no idea. I have papers all over the place.

Blog words written: You got me...maybe 15,000?

Non fiction articles for publication: I've written over 15 book reviews for FantasyBookSpot and about 5 things for Tangent Online. I also wrote an appreciation for SCI FICTION.

Total new words written: A bajillion.

New stories written: All of them.

Existing stories revised: All of them.

Short story submissions sent: 26

Responses received: 19

Acceptances: 0

Rejections: 19

Other responses: I have gotten several nice personal comments from editors which hopefully means I'm getting closer to becoming published.

Awaiting response: 7

Short stories published: 0

Best thing about this year's publications: 0

Poems written: 2

Poems submitted: 2

Major award nominations: 0

Minor award nominations: 0

Awards won: 0

Novel editing hours: None yet, but next year I'm going to focus on The Periwinkle Prince a bit.

Goals for 2006: Finish The Periwinkle Prince, finish Sylva, sell a short story, and have a lot more statistics for the Year in Review 2006.

That is all for now.


Douglas Hoffman said...

Best of luck in your writing for the New Year, Paul.

Paul Abbamondi said...

Thanks Doug! I appreciate the comment!