Tuesday, May 27, 2008

On hiatus

Five hundred and twenty-six posts later...I'm putting Wistful Writings on official hiatus.

I've come to discover that I really and wholly do not enjoy writing about writing. It always felt like a chore or that I was just being a writerly sheep, baa baa baa-ing along with everybody else. So I'm stopping for now. Well, I'm not gonna stop writing, but you get what I'm saying. Right?

Anyways, thanks for those that did read me here and took the time to comment. Much appreciated.

I will be continuing to post my journal comic at MyLifeComics five days a week, and if there is any new writing news (e.g., a story sold or was just published or I secretly discovered that every editor in the world hates me) you'll learn about it there for sure. Plus, maybe some book reviews now and then. No promises, but you never know with me...

So, until later! Or maybe never again!

EDIT: Frak you, Blogger! What is this "scheduled post" crap? It's taking me forever to get this thing live. Ugh, glad I'm leaving...

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Anonymous said...

Paul- thanks for commenting on my cartoons! We need a community cartoon blog or something for cartoonists.