Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Hi, blog!

I kind of hate you at the moment. And blogging. It is draining me. Blog blog blog blogblgobgoblgoblgbogbgoblgoblog. So I'm taking a break.

See you on the flipside, blog.

Peace, love, and naps,


D said...

Be nice!

Jules said...

You stole my line and didn't give me any credit for it - you grubby thief you!!!!!!!!!

Anger, distrust, and no DSing for you,


Paul Abbamondi said...

D: Meh!

Bitsy: Heck yes I stole it. It is a great signing off phrase.

I almost have my next mortgage paid off. Probably one more day of selling all my fruit and I get a new room!

1979 semi-finalist said...

i've totally been feeling this way lately as well. doing comics or even non-comics post has been totally draining and non-enjoyable.

i posted two epic rants on my blog today about The Tudors and Resident Evil 3, and my heart just wasn't even in it.

what's happened to us? maybe there's something in the water.

regardless, i hope you're not gone for long... :(

Paul Abbamondi said...

Well, you'll still be seeing me on the comics, of course! But doing both sometimes gets to my brain and I just need to relax a little more and not feel the need to comment on every single thing in my life.

Haven't seen either the Tudors or RE3, but I'm thinking that's not a bad thing now! :P