Friday, September 12, 2008

Still on hiatus here, but...

...I'm assuming some people are still finding me through here first. If so, here's some links of interest for you if you care to continue stalking me for my body:

MyLifeComics: This is where I post my daily journal comic, which details the minute and mundane moments of my life, as well as the crazyfuntimes. Yes, that's one word.

Words and stuff: This is my now public LiveJournal, where I do most of my writing about writing (even though I still say I hate writing about writing and get no warm, fuzzy feelings out of doing it).

Fortuitous Twist: My relationship drama webcomic set in New Jersey and revolving around sushi antics and kitty cats. It is slowgoing, but still going. I have big plans for it; I just need to find the time to sit down and work on it.

DeviantART Paulwise: Here's my DeviantART page, where I'm meticulously adding artwork to my gallery, as well as sketches and silly things.

Twitter Pabba: I'm on Twitter now. Woo? Woo.

I'm sure you can find me on a bajillion other websites, but those are the big ones for now. Enjoy...

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