Sunday, April 13, 2008

Some updatery

My review of City Slab #12 is now live at The Fix Online. Go on, check it out.

I worked on artsy stuff for most of the weekend. Got some comics done for the ones for The Stars Down Under, as well as MyLifeComics. I even doodled! It's been ages since I just sat and...doodled!

Today I went to the park for the first time in many months. To say it was divine would not even come close to describing the experience.

I still plan on submitting a story to the new open submissions period for Sword and Sorceress, but I started another piece for the time being. Sci-fi and about food. Everyone knows I'm a foodwhore. So, yeah, I'm working on this one for a bit.

And lastly, Battlestar Galactica has been great so far. I only wish it was back on Sunday nights.

There you go. Five random things makes an entry.


Scott said...

Hi Paul, Scott from City Slab here. Thanks for your review of the mag; I'm glad you liked most of the stories. :) Obviously I had a different reading of S.E. Ward's story than you did--I felt it was about redemption, or at least the quest for it, even though due to his circumstances and bad choices Byron ultimately fails in that quest. He's reaching for it, but it gets snatched away--to me, as I get older, that kind of thing becomes more terrifying, the idea that you can try for redemption and utterly fail. Anyway, that's what appealed to me about the tale.

But obviously different readers get different things from different pieces, and I completely respect that. You can't please everyone all the time, even if you're trying (ask a politician) :).

Anyway, thanks again for the review, and keep up the good work. And get outside more often--fluorescent light is bad for the soul. ;)

S. E. Ward said...

Hi, Paul!

I'm probably the last person you expect to hear from on this topic: I'm S. E. Ward.

I just wanted to thank you for your honest and thoughtful review of "Dirty Money." The story was actually written as an experiment, both with regards to plot and style. (Stream of consciousness, btw, is a bitch to work with. Ow.) Misogyny was equally difficult to work with, but a bit of a thrill; as I daily sport pigtails and Massive Tracts of Land, it was interesting to turn against my own kind in pursuit of fiction.

Scott, I'm glad you liked the story! I, too, saw it as a stunted quest for redemption. The story was actually written while I recovered from a hysterectomy. Even though I've never wanted kids (and couldn't have done, hence the surgery), I still had a lingering fear of, "What if I've just lost my only chance of doing something with my life?" That pretty much translated into Byron, and probably accounts for some of the misogyny Paul noted.

Thanks again, both of you!

Susan (S. E.)

S. E. Ward said...

One more quick thing: ironically, your review convinced a few of my friends to order that issue of City Slab because they thought "Dirty Money" sounded fabulous. LOL! Go figure. :)

Take care!