Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Oh look, I'm writing

"The Brazen Bug-blesser"

New Words: 448
Total Words: 448
Deadline: February 29, 2008
Reason for stopping: I want to upload photos from my camera while simultaneously set up my new iPod alarm clock thingy
Stimulants: Cup of coffee
Songs played loudly: "Cuts Marked in the March of Men" by Coheed and Cambria, "Givin' It Up" by Josh Rouse, "Something Isn't Right Here" by The Juliana Theory
Exercise: Grocery shopping, short walk, and a dozen and a half trips to and from my car unloading everything
Mail: Lots and lots of mail! Being away from my apartment for nearly two weeks really allows the shtuff to pile up. Nothing terribly writing-related, but I got a few books in the mail for review.
Darling du Jour: The twittering bug started showing signs of juice failure in the morning, leaking yellow-green headguts and smelling atrocious.
Words that Microsoft Word argues with: headguts, m'lady, gawkers
Other writing-related work: Organizing books and updating my submissions spreadsheet
The Internet is full of Things: But I have no time to look for a single one!

So, this is the last short story I'm going to work on before returning to the Novel (with hopes of finishing it once I get back into it). Strangely, writing about bugs is fun. Steam-powered ones are even doubly so...

Ugh, I have a thousand things that need doing. I think I will just tackle them one at a time and see how that goes. Yah? Yah.


TK42ONE said...

What the hell kind of darling du jur is that? Juice failure?

Anywho, I still think you stalk me. Or my wife. I too got an iPod alarm clock for Christmas. However, I have no iPod. But I'm not sure I like the bizarre alarm it has. Maybe I'll try waking up to the radio for a change.

And you better not be watching American Gladiators through my living room window.

Jules said...

Woo hoo to getting back to reality!