Monday, December 17, 2007

LOTR: The Third Age

So, I bought this for $6.00 on a splurge of boredom over the weekend:

It's pretty insulting to the films, even more so to Tolkien's work, but it's mostly entertaining. In this linear-as-a-line RPG, a second fellowship follows the path of that of the original one, fighting most of the same baddies and really just making more or less of the same comments that Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, or Boromir might've made. The battle system is similar to Final Fantasy X, with characters taking turns based on actions, and the leveling up system is tediously mediocre. You gain a level, you get two points, you assign them to whatever attributes you desire. Rinse, lather, repeat.

And repetition is key here. I'm not even out of Moria yet and I've fallen comfortably into using the same battle tactics to defeat goblins and trolls. So I do that, gain a level, go to the new battle, gain a level. There's no towns to wander and shop in (isn't that, um, consider a sin in an RPG?), and everytihng is loosely tied in by cinematic movie montages narrated by Gandalf. Which, I'll admit, are nice to listen to.

I guess I'll be fighting the Balrog soon. Yeah, you know...the one that fell down the chasm. I wonder how'll EA will work that into the second fellowship's journey into sore losership.

So, $6.00 well spent? Probably not. But it gives me something to do when I don't want to do one of my 7 billion others things needing finishing.

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TK42ONE said...

So my wife asked me tonight on our way home if I would stop and buy her a copy of the DVD version of DDR (she's under the impression that she can play it to lose weight). Being the ass I am, I said no. If she wanted the stupid game, she could buy it herself. So she called from Best Buy to say it wasn't there. I conviently mentioned Wal Mart had DDR for the XBOX 360. She wasn't impressed.

So, $20 saved on my part. Sounds like we both came out ahead.