Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Another first draft

Ah, just finished the first draft of the civilized cannibals story. Clocks in at 5,500 words. I seem to be writing longer stories lately. It is either flash fiction or longer stories. Can't I get a "in-between" up in here?

Anyways, the ending is complete crap and needs a lot of tightening up, but I love everything up to it (and why shouldn't I? I wrote the dang thing). I wrote this with a target market in mind, which is sort of why I am not saying much of the piece, especially its title. I want to submit it blindly, even if I know that no one reads this blog of mine.

So there, another first draft done. That makes two in March!

Will read through this later on this week over a cup of coffee at B&N. For now, I go to sleep.


D said...

The writing process must be getting easier if you are able to write longer stories these days. Good work.

Paul Abbamondi said...

I think so, too. I'm able to extend my thoughts over a longer stretch of words. This should hopefully help w/ the novel at some point.