Monday, October 29, 2007

Heroes, what the eff

Oh, Heroes. You're turning into that kid in high school that surprised us all by graduating on time with strong marks only to drop out of college by the second semester. You started so strong--and I'm talking about Season One here--and then somewhere along the line you decided you'd rather focus on 7th Heaven cheerleader drama and whiny angst-laden characters that makes me want to brown-bag vodka at every meal. And way to strip Hiro of everything that made him watchable. I actually keep hoping for the best during the feudal Japan scenes, but it's becoming ever so bland...even with tonight's twist. See? I don't care, Heroes! You lost me. Not in the truest sense; I'm still going to watch every Monday, but you could kill everyone but Peter off and I'd be somewhat okay with that decision. That's never a good thing so, yeah, in that sense I'm gone.

The show's biggest fault is that they introduced too many characters and plots without fulfilling previous ones. And this has bogged the pace down considerably. The Wonder Twins have been running since the season started: boring. The Mimic Girl has done some mimicking while mainly being uninteresting: boring. Kristen Bell showed up looking all sassy and stuff to kill an Irish lad: okay, that wasn't boring, but she is one of the new "heroes" so she gets a mention. Oh, and Claire's creepy boyfriend. If I was interested in teen dramatics, I'd watch reruns of Gilmore Girls. It's just all such a letdown from the comic-themed, comic-paced awesomeness that was Season One, with a GREAT villain and a simple message of saving a cheerleader. Here, I don't even know what the focus is on. Parkman's father? The cure? The remaining paintings? Alcohol on school premises? SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME!

And if I see one more Bee Movie crapisode I'm going to drown myself in a vat of honey. Bee that, NBC. Bee that.


TK42ONE said...

A might touchy are we? So, the paintings were interesting, if they would have shown them long enough to study. Too many characters? It's like the extras from X-Men are on set to show them how to do things. What a waste of talent. You know it's bad when they start repeating powers.

But it'll get better. It better get better. And what's up for sweeps?

[stop reading now if you don't want to know]

- Lightning girl attacks Claire.
- Hiro comes back to the future (great scot!).
- A "popular hero will die."
- We'll see what happened when Peter exploded in the sky.
- We'll see how DL died.

[you can start reading again]

So, there you have it. Things just might be looking up. And if all else fails, Jericho is back in January.

Paul Abbamondi said...

Meh, that above was all just a knee-jerk reaction. I've calmed down since then. I do think the show has potential to get better; I just don't want it to be in the last few episodes.

NinjasOfLoretto said...

(aka 1979 Semi-Finalist)

i could not agree with you more Paul...pretty much with everything you said. it is bad when you would LIKE the end of the world to come for the heroes, so at least it would eliminate all the characters that are a waste. like you i am most interested in seeing Peter survive, i would also add to that list Nathan (i know you're not a fan) and Claire (but Claire from season one, not this character they have given us here), ditto for Hiro, and i am also willing to give Parkman a chance. I think Grunberg is one of the better/stronger actors on the show (e.g. he can sometimes save one of these poorly written scenes) although the tired drama with he and Molly and "life partner" Mohinder has got to go. Kristen Bell was pretty good, so she can stay too and Sylar may be worth saving as there are interesting things potentially there, but everyone else should be killed. Dead. now, before it's too late.

unlike you i am not going to keep religiously tuning in. i'll give it through november sweeps (maybe) but if it doesn't turn around i can find better things to do with an hour on monday sleeping...THAT would be time better spent.

sidenote: am i missing something or have they really already given away the fact that the "evacuation" is going to be caused by the mohinder virus mutating and jumping to the general population? i mean, i hope that's not all they've got up their sleeves...or...oh, i fell asleep right in the middle of writing this...

Anonymous said...

Way to be fired up, people! Some parts are interesting and others make me wanna flip to Dancing with the Stars. I am bored with the twins heading across the border. I can't wait to see Sylar do something interesting.
Peter in Ireland was interesting and I was hoping to hear some French in Montreal. Sigh.
What's that blond lady's name? The one with the other her in the mirror? I am tired of her. I like Mohinder, but that is so that I can hear him talk.
Blah, blah, blah.
They can pull in more ratings using teen drama for greater audience appeal. In apocalyptic times, I half expect to see that Resident Evil chick to be walking the streets.
'Night, Biff.