Thursday, June 08, 2006

Books to buy

I made a list. This list says that I'm not allowed to buy any other books until I buy all the books on said list. I will obey it. In fact, I must or else chaos will destroy all that is sacred and holy in my life.

Books to buy

  • Sarah Monette - Melusine
  • Cherie Priest - Four and Twenty Blackbirds
  • Neil Gaiman - Neverwhere
  • John Scalzi - Old Man's War
  • Scott Lynch - The Lies of Locke Lamora
  • Cory Doctorow - Standard Eastern Tribe
  • Jim Hines - GoblinQuest
  • Matthew Hughes - Black Brillion

Also, I'm not allowed to add to this list until all books have been crossed off. This is me, live, disciplining myself for you all to see.

1 comment:

RobB said...

Very funny, Paul. Long ago I quit keeping a physical list of the books I want to buy.

It really is tough, because as much as some people decry for the quality of FSF books versus the quantity of FSF books out there, there are so many I want to get my grubby hands on and read.

I can at least vouch for Gaiman's and Scalzi's, both books are a lot of fun.