Thursday, May 11, 2006


It seems the slush gods have been quiet as of late. I shall say a prayer, and know that now that I've posted this they will destroy my hopes and dreams with forms and semi-personal rejections in the next few days.

Ah, the life of a writer. Slow, quiet, and filled with enough anxiety to belittle a classroom of kids with ADD.

That's all for now. I'll have some new reviews coming up soon of David Niall Wilson's The Mote in Andrea's Eye, Brian Herbert's Timeweb, and a couple of YA fantasy books. Stay tuned!


michael said...

Here, let me innoculate you with some of mine--- that way, having read enough rejections this month, the slush gods will decide that that is enough and smile upon you :)

"We have carefully read your submission, and while the story is interesting and well told, we have decided to pass on it"


"Sadly, we find that we can't use your submission at this stage."


"Thank you for submitting but we've decided not to accept it for publication.
We appreciate your interest in our magazine."


"It is a very nice piece overall; however, I would have liked to have seen a strong speculative element emerge very early in
this story. With this in mind, I have to pass on this story at this time."


"We will not be publishing your story but we encourage you to send any further work you would like to share with us."

Paul Abbamondi said...

Hah, thanks very much, Michael! But alas, still no lightning bolts have been cast from the sky to eradicate my writing hopes!

I'll keep my fingers crossed though...