Thursday, November 30, 2006

Journal comics

I'm doing a couple journal-style comics, but don't expect these every day. Just more or less when I feel like doing them. And here's something I've discovered--I never draw myself the same way twice. Anyways, here are two for now (click them to enlarge the picture):

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Top 50 favorite short stories

I've been reading short stories now for several years, and this list (can you tell that I like lists?) has been growing inside my head for some time. To ease the migraines and furry little demon lords, I'm going to post what I think are my Top 50 favorite short stories EVAR. Well, maybe not EVAR since more and more will probably continue to impress me, but you get the point. These are more like my Top 50 stories as of November 29, 2006. And you'll probably notice that most of these come from recent or just emerging authors, and that's because I've been doing more reading of what's current than what's in the past.

Feel free to yell at me for that. Throw fireballs for all I care. Or, better yet, suggest short stories to me that you'd think I'd enjoy. I'm attracted to the weird, the extreme, and the tragic (and, well, anything involving broken robots).

Personal thoughts/comments/quips are added when I feel like adding them. So there.

Also, please note that these are in no order whatsoever. Just my favorite fifty I could come up with.

Top 50 favorite short stories

  1. Cory Doctorow - "Craphound" (I will say this time and time again that Doctorow's story of aliens, yard sales, and friendship is one of the most powerful tales I've ever read.)
  2. Ursula K. Le Guin - "The Birthday of the World"
  3. Ursula K. Le Guin - "Darkrose and Diamond" (I'm a sucker for Earthsea, though I enjoy her short stories about the world more than the novels. Weird.)
  4. Neil Gaiman - "Harlequin Valentine"
  5. Margo Lanagan - "Singing My Sister Down"
  6. Kelly Link - "The Girl Detective"
  7. Paul Melko - "Doctor Mighty and the Case of the Ennui"
  8. Jay Lake - "The Soul Bottles"
  9. Jay Lake - "Fat Jack and the Spider Clown"
  10. Albert E. Cowdrey - "Imitation of Life"
  11. Sandra McDonald - "Lost and Found"
  12. Patrick Samphire - "Uncle Vernon’s Lie"
  13. Liz Williams - "Mortegarde"
  14. Josh Rountree - "The Queen's Wood"
  15. Josh Rountree - "A Better Place"
  16. Lawrence M. Schoen - "The Game of Leaf and Smile" (One that I can see myself re-reading every Halloween.)
  17. Michael Bishop - "Bears Discover Smut" (Brilliant and fun.)
  18. Richard Bowes - "There's a Hole in the City"
  19. A.M. Dellamonica - "The Spear Carrier"
  20. Dario Ciriell0 - "Valley of the Shadow"
  21. Ruth Nestvold - "The Old Man and the Sneakers"
  22. Heidi Cyr - "X & Y"
  23. Anne McCaffrey - "The Girl Who Heard Dragons"
  24. Aliette de Bodard - "A Warrior's Death"
  25. James Tiptree, Jr. - "The Women Men Don't See"
  26. Paul Di Filippo - "Shipbreaker"
  27. Ian R. MacLeod - "New Light on the Drake Equation"
  28. E. Sedia - "God's Chosen" (Hooray for broken robots!)
  29. Richard Parks - "Moon Viewing at Shijo Bridge"
  30. Tanith Lee - "En ForĂȘt Noire"
  31. Mary Robinette Kowal - "Cerbo en Vitra ujo" (Effing disturbing. That's all I'll say.)
  32. Jeffrey Ford - "In the House of Four Seasons"
  33. M. Thomas - "The Tinker's Child" (Hooray for broken robots!)
  34. Heather Lindsley - "Just Do It"
  35. Ef Deal - "Czesko" (I was really drawn into the story simply by the voice of the narrator.)
  36. Lisa Silverthorne - "Wild Feed"
  37. Joan Bauer - "Blocked"
  38. Pamela Zoline - "The Heat Death of The Universe"
  39. James Tiptree, Jr. - "Painwise" (Too weird for words, but awesome regardless of the matter.)
  40. M.K. Hobson - "Discovery's Wake" (Go tenure!)
  41. Forrest Aguirre - "Treason Is"
  42. Merrie Haskell - "Dead Languages" (I'm a Buffy fan, so what?)
  43. Lavie Tidhar - "304 Adolf Hitler Strasse"
  44. James Enge - "Payment Deferred"
  45. Hannah Wolf Bowen - "Watch Dog"
  46. Jeffrey Ford - "In the House of Four Seasons"
  47. Ann Sterzinger - "Tremors" (My goodness, this horrific tale is tattooed in my memory.)
  48. Lucy Sussex - "Frozen Charlottes"
  49. Vera Nazarian - "The Slaying of Winter"
  50. Paolo Bacigalupi - "Small Offerings" (You commoners won't get to read this for a few months, but by the gods I'm now permanently afraid of the miracle of life.)

And that's all for now. Looking over the list, I've realized I've missed many short stories that I absolutely loved, but they'll just have to wait for the next list, whenever that'll be.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Moo, indeed

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy your wine and turkey and naps!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Check out my review for Guy Gavriel Kay's Ysabel, an excellent book that everyone should be on the lookout for in February 2007!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Here's an update (somewhat!)

Philcon was fun though a bit different than what I was expecting. Met some good folks like Neil Clarke, John Joseph Adams, Diane Turnshek, and others. Bought some mags and drank some beer. Overall, not terribly bad for my first con but I've quickly learned that other (bigger) cons are more about socializing than just panels. Those are the ones I really want to attend.

29-day sale of the dark robot story "67442" to Murky Depths for Issue #1 in September 2007. I think this makes me an official international author.

And lastly, check out the Thanksgiving/LOST-themed comic at Greenhorn. Hurley stars in it, which should be reason enough to go lookie at it.

I think that's it for now.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Con time!

I'll be attending Philcon 2006 on Saturday the 18th. It looks to be a fun con, with Charles Stross as a guest. Neat! Hope to meet some folks there. I'm sure that if anyone needs to find me they can just look towards the hotel bar. Heh.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I'm not doing NaNoWriMo. I've decided that, at the moment, I do not need the extra pressure. I'm going to work on my short stories for now. Besides, I like short stories. They are easier (I said easier, not easy!) than novels to me. And that's that. Good luck to those doing NaNoWriMo though! May 50K come before you know it!

Also, I bought Final Fantasy XII. It's amazing so far.

And have started a videogame blog called Game Beliefs. So check that out!

Friday, November 03, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day #3

Progress notes for November 03, 2006:


New words: 583
Total words: 3,739 of 50,000
Pages: 11
Deadline: Dec. 1
Reason for stopping: NEED. SOME. SLEEP.
Stimulants: Coffee, beer
Exercise: I drove for three hours. How's that?
Songs sung too loud to please the neighbors: "The Last Three Years" by Joe Wilson
Mail: None
Today's words Word don't know: I can't remember right now
Mean Things: Suprisingly...nothing
Tyop du Jour: None
The life of a WrITeR: Ugh, no writer today

Thursday, November 02, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day #2

Progress notes for November 02, 2006:


New words: 1,440
Total words: 3,156 of 50,000
Pages: 10
Deadline: Dec. 1
Reason for stopping: No more writing for tonight as I need a break
Stimulants: Hot chocolate from Starbucks
Exercise: None, but maybe some stretches before bed
Songs sung too loud to please the neighbors: "The Priest and the Matador" by Senses Fail
Mail: None
Today's words Word don't know: swimmable
Mean Things: Embarassed a boy in front of a girl
Tyop du Jour: None that I can remember
The life of a WrITeR: Took out the trash, got a haircut, and went food shopping

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

NaNoWriMo - Day #1

Progress notes for November 01, 2006:


New words: 1,716
Total words: 1,716 of 50,000
Pages: 7
Deadline: Dec. 1
Reason for stopping: Need to shower and shave. Plus, I need major sleep.
Stimulants: Two cups of coffee...mmm...
Exercise: Went for a short walk
Songs sung too loud to please the neighbors: "Girl in America" by Mat Kearney
Mail: None
Today's words Word don't know: None
Mean Things: Baby knocked off boat
Tyop du Jour: None
The Internet is full of Things: Sushi pillows. I want one!
The life of a WrITeR: Did the dishes

Jigsaw review!

Check out my review of Jigsaw Nation edited by Edward J. McFadden III and E. Sedia! Lots of neat stories! Enjoy!